I now can’t remember too much detail but we very much enjoyed school and the teaching while almost hating the house and care side of things. Of course, I now understand that the care staff were pretty fantastic. I Maybe re just resented that the care came from others and not our mums and dads. I was beginning to get an understanding of my place in the pecking order, my ability level. Once way from home in the school routine, I found myself actually happy and fulfilled but I was not ready yet to admit that the holidays could be boring without my school mates and the many activities and lessons. By this time I had a few very close friends. We spent lots of free time together and even helped each other out with school work as well as playing games and just talking. 

We looked forward to regular radio programmes, Dick barton, Special Agent most evenings. We knew deep down he would escape from the latest impossible situation and certain death but the excitement was gripping. PC49 gave us I am sure a very unreal vision of life  in the London Police Force. But best of all were the Saturday night Theatre plays. Meant for an adult audience they were more than OK for our young minds and imaginations. 

In the classroom I began to realise that I was one of the more clever ones and I loved learning new things. By now I could read many books for myself in braille and the forward-thinking staff had created whole courses in math and literature and we were guided to read up history and science as well as stories from ancient Greece and Rome. 

Several teachers read to us leaving us engrossed in animal stories as well as famous people from the past. I would read Black Beauty and Little Women to my own special needs pupils when it became my turn to be the teacher. We gave teachers that really cared about us no peace. The braille teacher, for example, used to sit in with us at dinner time. Every day the poor chap had to bring a problem with him for us to solve while eating our meal. But we loved it all; our brains just wanted more and more learning and sometimes we would take away the problem in our heads and come back with the answer the next day. Sometimes we argued black was white to try to understand a difficult concept. Minus numbers! All very logical but I knew they could not really exist!!! Smile. We were challenged by imaginary situations where we were given the height of a tree, another piece of information and we had to work out how far from that tree a man was standing. Just occasionally, he would catch us out completely. If it takes one man three hours to cut a lawn, how long would it take three men? He would get up to go for his smoke, laugh in a mischievous way we knew and remind us that the lawn had already just been cut.

My music was progressing well but I’ll make that the subject of a separate section.

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