Purely from my point of view, I have listed some memories as good or bad.

Good: Fish pie on Fridays and  sometimes cheese pie on Tuesdays. Second helpings and great joy.

Bad: Horrible black tough meat on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Aggro, kept in over playtime and sometimes sent to bed for the afternoon.

Good: playing on the bikes and trucks in the grounds most Saturdays.

Bad: Revolting Chewy bacon for breakfast and an up-hill walk to a boring church , crocodile  fashion with a unchosen partner.

Good: Learning to play Draughts and later Chess in the Winter evenings and beating the supervisor teacher who taught us.

Bad: receiving a food parcel from home.

Bad: Never getting to eat it because it had to be shared by everyone.

Good: Lots of interesting lessons and quiet time to hear music.

Bad: Hours spent in that noisy play room environment  with no chance of decent communication.

Good: The Care staff became much mor human as time went on.

Bad: in the early days they seemed like witches. We all cheered when a partition fell on the Matron’s angkle when she was up front making our lives a misery again.

Good: There came a time when we could go home for a half-term weekend.

Bad: There was no such going home in my first year, apart from the three main holidays.

Good: I took two braille books with me to read in bed at night. One to read and one to place under my bed!!! Smile.

Bad: we were not allowed to read in bed. It has always been a great joy to have a braille book on my belly in bed.

Good: When it came to the time for meto leave,I did feel a little regret and sadness.

Bad: For most of my stay, I dreaded the sinking feeling that came over me as holidays came  to an end. Only once did I get a stay of execution, when I severely damaged my hand the day before I was due to return to prison. Very good: an extra three weeks at home.

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