The Screenreader Revolution

In the days of paper and pen

I was extremely print disabled.

But with screenreader, talking and large print technology,

we, with sight loss, can control the colour, size and style 

of words on a PC or smartphone screen.

and, even with no sight,

make the words speak to us.

So now I can read and write and tell my story with the best of them.

You will find a bit of everything: Sex, religion, politics and, if I   maintain my courage, some very personal stuff that could help and encourage others.

I invite you to share and enjoy my experiences  as an expert in maximising very limited vision and living a very full life. 

You  don’t have to like or agree with what I write. But please join in with your comments if you want to.

The picture is of Roger taken in his garden.

All topics are entered randomly. Autobiographic entries are dated.